Bosch Munitech assists municipalities with annual audit compliance

Bosch Munitech offers municipalities a packed solution for infrastructure management by assessing assets in the field and transferring the information to a desktop platform.  Qualified Engineers, Field Technicians, and Geographical Information System (GIS) specialists, employed by Bosch Munitech, have developed a system to spatially represent fixed assets in an accessible desktop format.

The system allows municipal officials to login and manage assets from a desktop.  The on-line asset registry system includes spatial, technical and financial information, which is used to establish refurbishment costs, routine service and maintenance costs and the costs associated with the capital replacement of aged infrastructure.

The asset register is not only used as a planning and management tool, but also provides accurate data for annual general reporting to the Auditor General of South Africa.

To-date, municipalities assisted by Bosch Munitech have received clean audits.  We have worked in 13 local municipalities and 3 provinces within South Africa.  Our team, strategy and attention to detail makes us one of the top consulting firms in South Africa for the compilation of GRAP 17 compliant fixed asset registers.

Bosch Munitech Project Manager, Sean Nel says, “With our experience, we are able to compile asset registers that are invaluable to our clients both as an infrastructure management tool and for ensuring audit compliance”.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to be a world class engineering and operations group that provides innovative solutions globally. Our business is fortified by adhering to a strong set of values including; integrity, delivery, people, accountability, teamwork, innovation and fun.

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