Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems - 02 Mapping the Way

Bosch Munitech uses GIS as a powerful tool to communicate with our clients and other stakeholders. The capacity to represent infrastructure, defined events, the results of geographically based data analysis or even project progress in a visual medium adds great value to our projects.

Our dedicated GIS team offers the following services:

  • Digital mapping from topographical and infrastructure survey data.
  • Geographically referenced database cleansing and management.Geographical Information Systems - 03
  • GIS based asset registers and auditing.
  • GIS Implementation in Project Management.


Vision & Values

Our vision is to be a world class engineering and operations group that provides innovative solutions globally. Our business is fortified by adhering to a strong set of values including; integrity, delivery, people, accountability, teamwork, innovation and fun.

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Durban (Regional Office): +27 (0) 31 535 6000
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