Skills Development goes from Strength to Strength at Bosch Munitech

Bosch Munitech’s ongoing investment in its people and contribution to the development skills within the industry and nation at large has reached the significant milestone of having trained and developed 20 young people in their chosen disciplines over the past 4 years. The company’s development programme focuses on the needs, interests and capacities of the individual and accommodates development across a wide range of disciplines and academic levels.

Bosch Munitech has trained or is currently training:

  • 7 x Artisan Fitters
  • 3 x Artisan Electricians
  • 1x Artisan Plumber
  • 1x NDip. Safety Management
  • 1x NDip. Project Management
  • 5 x BTech. Civil Technologists
  • 1x BTech. Health and Safety Management
  • 1x STech. Survey

The company’s focus on developing designated groups is underlined by the demographic of the training beneficiaries which comprises 90% African, of which 30% are African female and 5% disabled individuals.

Bosch Munitech’s Managing Director, Steve McCarley, commented “I am exceptionally proud of our people and the energy with which they have approached their studies and on-going development. We have a 100% success rate to date”.  With reference to the strategic direction of the company he added,  “It is important that we safeguard the future of our business through training and development and it is always very gratifying to make a contribution. however small, to the betterment of people’s lives and to the development of the skills base within South Africa”.

Paul Khoza welding flanges to spool pieces for the Elangeni Wastewater Pump Station

Richard Trigwell (workshop foreman) overseeing Paul Khoza (assistant) who is drilling the base plate bracket for the gearbox installation at the PST Bridge (New Germany WWTW)

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