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About Bosch Munitech

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Bosch Munitech was established in 1987 to provide specialist operations and maintenance services to the municipal engineering sector and currently undertakes work in support of municipal water, wastewater and solid waste management services.
A solutions-driven utility management company, we work hand in hand with municipalities to provide service delivery outcomes that balance the technical and social needs of the communities we serve. We understand municipal service delivery imperatives and the municipal funding environment, and are able to provide integrated and practical value for money solutions to both urban and rural communities.


waste management servicesTransformation

The company subscribes to an employee ownership policy and has the following Construction Charter BBBEE credentials as audited and rated by Empowerdex:
Level 2 Contributor
125% Procurement Recognition Level






Transformation Policy

The Company subscribes to the following transformation policy:

We recognise that as part of the business community, we have a special role to play in transformation in terms of black economic empowerment.

We believe that investment in the economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals and communities in South Africa is a moral imperative, and is essential for the growth of our nation.

We commit ourselves to adopting and implementing policies that address transformation aligned with the Construction Charter.


Transformation Credentials

Download our latest BBBEE Certificate here

A recent BBBEE evaluation was undertaken by independent rating agency Empowerdex in terms of which Bosch Munitech is assessed as follows:

  • Level 2 Contributor;
  • 125% Procurement Recognition Level.

The Company’s transformation and training / development programme provides several internships and learnerships every year to historically disadvantaged individuals.



The Bosch Munitech’s procurement policy is based on preference being given to purchasing from organisations that have made progress with transformation in support of the BBBEE Act.

Suppliers range from emerging BEE service providers to suppliers of goods and other services.


Enterprise Development and Job Creation

The company is committed to assisting with the development of emerging businesses in accordance with the Construction Charter. This includes, inter-alia, supporting Bosch Ulwazi (Socio Economic Development) as well as mentoring and supporting several emerging black contractors.


Corporate Social Investment

The company recognises its responsibility to invest both within the engineering industry and in the broader community in which we operate. The Construction Charter is used as a guideline.

In this regard youth and women are the primary target of the company’s social investment programme which focuses on education and training.



Leak-Detection-02Health & Safety

Bosch Munitech subscribes to the Bosch Holdings Health and Safety Policy and is committed to creating a safe and healthy working environment to minimise the risk of danger and injury to employees and the public and to prevent the loss of life and/or property of the Group.

In brief we are committed to the following action plan through active participation of all our staff including compliance with the appropriate statutory requirements:

Continue to identify the health and safety risks and exposure associated with our operation
Identify and implement the most suitable methods to eliminate or mitigate these health and safety risks as far as is reasonably practical,
Develop the best strategies and policies to protect our employees and asset where the threats cannot be removed

The primary objective of the Health and Safety Policy is to serve as the foundation for the development and maintenance of uniform and uncomplicated procedures to be implemented by Bosch Stemele and our other Bosch Holdings Companies.

All Safety, Health Environment, Risk and Quality (SHERQ) management appointees are backed by the full support of management.



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