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Bosch Munitech’s European Factory Acceptance Tests

Bosch Munitech were appointed in 2015 by Botswana’s Water Utility Corporation for the mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation refurbishment of the 100 MI/d Mmamashia Water Treatment Works in Gaborone and the North South Carrier PS3 pump station in Palapye (120 MI/day pumping capacity). The projects are well under way and the manufacture of the major components, ordered on project inception in 2015, has been completed. A series of factory acceptance tests was scheduled in June and July 2016 for the inspection and testing of the components in Europe before shipping to Botswana via South Africa.

Senior Electrical Specialist, Mark Hinds, travelled to Rockwell Automation in Katwice, Poland to accept the variable speed drives (VSD’s) for the PS3 pump stat ion project. The 3 Powerflex 700, 6 600 V, 1450 kW units were run up to full load and back down again with all VSD’s passing with flying colours.

Senior Mechanical Specialist, Conrad Addendorf, travelled to the KSB factory in Hale, Germany, and the Charlatte factory in Auxerre, France, to inspect the PS3 pumps and surge protection vessels respectively.  The KSB test facility is notable in that it is a brand new facility, costing some 17m Euros (R275m), and boasting some of the latest pump testing technology, including a 10 000 kW test motor.  The pump tests went exceptionally well with the pumps running at 89% efficiency.

Project Manager, Johan Jordaan, visited 3 valve manufacturers in Turkey to select the preferred supplier for the ring needle valves for flow control at the Mmamashia Water Treatment Works inlet works. He also visited Wallace and Tiernan’s German factory to conduct a quality management due diligence on the manufacturing processes.

An emotional experience awaited Johan in that his flight from Germany to Istanbul coincided with the recent terror attacks on Istanbul airport. His flight was delayed in Germany by half an hour and but for that delay, he would have been on the ground during the attacks. Fortunately for him, the flight was diverted in the air to another airport while the attacks were taking place, but he went through the ordeal of witnessing fellow travellers learning that friends and family members, who had been waiting for them at the airport, had been killed in the attacks.

The 100 630 L pressure vessels in Paris on their way to the seaport (Notre Dame in the background).


New 700 m3 suction pressure vessels (22 tons each) installed at Palapye, Botswana, at Pump Station PS 3.7. ready to be grouted.


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