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The new Dell Rugged Extreme Tablet 7220 arrives!

We have just received our new Dell Rugged Extreme Tablet 7220 and have loaded the dedicated Faro Scene software license onto it.  This tablet was launched in October 2019, making it the latest technology on the market and one of the most advanced rugged tablets available.  It has a unique design with two batteries which…


Bosch Munitech undertakes a Solid Waste Management Assessment for Local Municipality

Bosch Munitech recently undertook a solid waste management assessment for Steve Tshwete Local Municipality.  This study was aimed at improving the efficiency of waste management services offered within the municipal.  The Bosch Munitech team provided a compilation of detailed analysis of various social, scientific and technical models.  These included status quo analysis, public participation processes,…


Bosch Holdings takes delivery of the new Faro S150 laser scanner

Bosch Holdings has just taken delivery of our new laser scanner – the Faro S150 Plus. This scanner is one of the fastest scanners on the market with the ability to capture 2 million points per second at full range of 150m. It’s also the first of its kind in SA. The S150 Plus scans…


Bosch Munitech responsibly open for business

We have been granted the CIPC government permit confirming permission to assist our critical and key clients in the food and related service sector. If you need any professional engineering assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. We are locally present and have branches all over South Africa.


New installation for Mapleton pump station

Bosch Munitech has recently been appointed to design, manufacture, supply and install two new 900kW, 11kV electrical squirrel cage motors for the Mapleton pump station. The new installation is part of the minor works program and the scope of work includes electrical, automation and mechanical installation. The Mapleton pump station receives it RAW water from…

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