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Municipal revenue enhancement and water loss reduction using GIS

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) has proven to be an exceptionally strong management tool in the war against water loss and associated municipal revenue losses. GIS modelling and data analysis increases efficiency in services management and delivery, data processing, calculations, reporting and decision making, thus creating a powerful platform for water loss management interventions.

Bosch Munitech has a strong track record in the use of GIS in the following aspects of water loss reduction:

  • Mapping and database management of non-visible leaks from leak detection sweeps;
  • Modelling the probable pressure profiles in networks to identify suitable locations for pressure reduction mechanisms, and;
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring billing improvement programmes, by linking the municipality‚Äôs billing database to the spatial cadastral and identifying anomalies in the database.

Bosch Munitech offers GIS services in database design, data processing, asset management, consulting and map production.

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