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Water conservation in Amatole District

Bosch Munitech was appointed by the Amatole District Municipality in the Eastern Cape to reduce water loss by replacing pipes as well as to implement a series of initiatives to improve the water loss situation in the area. This project was implemented by using local emerging contractors.

Water Conservation Demand Management turnaround strategy is to reduce water
loss and increase revenue. The scope of work for this project is summarised

  • Mapping of the water network by in-house underground survey specialists.
  • Leak detection of visible and underground leaks by our qualified leak detection technicians.
  • Status quo assessment of the water and wastewater infrastructure.
  • Pressure management within each zone.
  • Replace aged infrastructure when necessary.
  • Improvements to the water distribution system.

The project commenced in August 2018 and will be completed in July 2021.

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